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The Celestes will try to reverse their bad start with a victory against Decano | Pozoblanco and Puente Genil, away, will also seek their first win against Conil and Sevilla C, respectively | Cordoba B, to increase its good run in Rota

The third day in Group 10 of the Third RFEF will offer various challenges for the Cordoba representatives. CD Pozoblanco and Salerm Cosmetics Puente Genil FC will try to seal their first victory of the championship, away against Conil CF and Sevilla FC C, respectively. These two Sunday fixtures will take place at midday, the same time slot as the CD Rota-Córdoba CF B match. The blanquiverdes, after beating CD Ciudad de Lucena, want to continue to grow in the initial stages of the course. The team from Lucena, meanwhile, will close the provincial participation at 18:30, at home, against Recreativo de Huelva.

It is the highlight of the weekend. The Ciudad de Lucena receives Recreativo de Huelva at its stadium, a duel of candidates for promotion that began in radically opposite ways. Dimas Carrasco’s team, after their rest day, lost by the minimum with Cordoba B (1-0). That makes them appear in fifteenth place, something they hope to change from now on so that the ambitious goal of promotion to the Second RFEF does not crumble.

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Next Sunday, October 3, Vistalegre will host the match between CD Utrera and the subsidiary of AD Ceuta at 12:30 noon. The locals, with 6 points out of a possible 9, will face a team that has already drawn, lost and won. The victory was achieved last Sunday…

Second consecutive victory after defeating by the minimum, one goal to zero, the team of Las Cabezas de San Juan in the Municipal «Carlos Marchena». CD Utrera got the three points thanks to a goal by Contreras, from a corner, in a very gray match for our team, firm in defense but with a very…

CD Utrera visited the stadium of UD Tomares to play the second day of the Third RFEF in group X, and was presented with a fairly competitive starting eleven and would be responsible for taking the utrerista set to victory in his first away game, in a match that was very difficult for the team….

CD Utrera was not able to get the first victory in the debut in Third RFEF, in a match in which Recreativo de Huelva visited the Municipal de las Marismas with a lot of recreativistas fans, who along with the numerous utrerana fans showed a beautiful mosaic that we missed a lot in the first half of the season, in…

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The club expects to have full-back Nyom and striker El Arabi for Wednesday’s training session, while winger Torje will not be available until Thursday’s session, although all three will be fit to take part in Sunday’s clash against Deportivo at the Nuevo Los Cármenes.

The injured Manolo Lucena, Fran Rico and the Algerian Hassan Yebda, who are certain absentees for the match against Deportivo, along with the suspended Borja Gómez and Dani Benítez, have also not worked out.

The red and white squad plans to complete a training session each of the days of this week to prepare for Sunday’s match against Deportivo, in which they will be looking for their first win of the season.

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