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After starting out as a footballer in teams from Gijón (Kike, Cantábrico, Hispania) and also belonging to Luarca CF, José Antonio Martínez joined Real Oviedo in 1953. Due to the fact that Toni Cuervo was already in the team, Martínez was announced in the line-ups as Toni II.

His first season with the blue club was not very fruitful as he only played three games and Oviedo was relegated to the Second Division. Toni II had a strong competition of players for his position, such as Pacheco, Luisín, Sará or Durán, who had the confidence of the coach at the time, Luis Urquiri.

In the Second Division, in the next three seasons, Toni II had much more presence and played 16, 19 and 17 games respectively, at a time when the Oviedo squad included players such as Argila, Echevarría, Falín or Aloy, among others.

Oviedo could not make the jump to the First Division, but Toni II returned to play in the top flight with Celta. He also spent three seasons with the team from Vigo, the first two of them in the First Division, and in 57/58 he played all 30 games.

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The TSJA will address the case against José Antonio Martínez for sexual harassmentEUROPA PRESSNOTICIA20.04.2015 – 14:02h The Civil and Criminal Chamber of the High Court of Justice of Asturias (TSJA) has agreed this Monday in an Auto to declare its competence for the knowledge of the case in which the regional deputy of Foro Asturias, José Antonio Martínez Fernández appears as denounced for an alleged crime of sexual harassment. The complaint was filed before the police station of Langreo, by one of his employees.

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