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Fusión Selección with Champions 1 Gbps – 2 Movistar lines8.7 | Very good45,00€For 3 MONTHS.After 105,00€Line fee included. VAT included.Go to offer900 20 06 36900 20 06 36Go to offerFeaturesPromotionIf you get this tariff, you can enjoy a 50% discount for three months. In addition, you can get an iPhone SE 64 GB for free. And if you also want to contract a second device, Movistar now offers you a special price on your additional device.

On your mobile you will have unlimited calls and data to talk and surf when you are away from home and do not have a Wifi network to connect to. In addition to this main line, you will have a second line with 5 GB and calls at 0 cents per minute. Remember that roaming service is also included in European Union countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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To watch this option you have to use the Movistar Liga de Campeones 2 channel, which will be located on dial 52 of the television and available among the options to choose in the streaming and internet platforms. Although from the round of 16 onwards this option, as there are two matches per day, is not active. Editor’s selection

It also offers the possibility of watching the contents on different devices thanks to an electronic key available to all users. The service, previously known as Yomvi, is now available at for registered users.

All matches can be watched live and there are also rebroadcasts and the possibility of watching on demand, i.e., the most recent matches can be replayed whenever the user wants.

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To achieve greater savings, paradoxically, you will have to go for the most expensive plans. For example, taking into account the discounts on the cheapest tariffs, you would pay 150 euros less, but if you sign up for the premium plan to watch matches with Movistar, the Fusión Total Plus, the savings would amount to more than 270 euros in just three months.

To understand the operator’s catalog, the first thing you should know is that all its convergent tariffs bear the name Movistar Fusión, and range from very basic plans with just gigabytes and two pay channels to offers with several mobile lines, 1 Gbps of fiber and more than 100 channels.

To sign up for Total TV you will have to have one of the best Orange tariffs with Internet and mobile. Not only do the most complete of its combined offers already include this pack, but you will also enjoy a discount of 25 euros during the first six months. Thus, users can go for the Total with one mobile line (70 euros for the first six months, 95 euros thereafter), the Total Plus with two unlimited lines and 1 Gbps speed (the cost in this case is 85 euros with discount and 110 euros without) or the Total Plus with four lines (which is priced at 105 euros under promotion and 130 euros when the promotion ends). You should bear in mind, however, that although these plans are cheaper, they also require a 12 month commitment.

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In addition to watching the matches of each LaLiga matchday on Movistar+ dial 46, the Movistar LaLiga multichannels will also be available (dials 47, 48, 49 and from 176 to 182) and GOL (dial 63), which broadcasts one match every matchday. Here you can consult the schedules and dials of the First Division and the schedules and dials of the Second Division.

In addition, Fiber TV customers with a UHD decoder and a compatible 4K TV set can enjoy LaLiga Santander matches in UHD quality on Movistar LaLiga UHD (dials 440 and 443) and UEFA Champions League matches in 4K on Movistar Liga de Campeones UHD (dial 441). The rest are broadcast in 1080i HD image quality.

As for the Bundesliga and Serie A, #Vamos (dial 8) offers live coverage of the best match of each day of the German and Italian leagues. The rest of the live matches can be accessed from Movistar Liga de Campeones (dial 50), through the main channel and the multichannels of the same name.