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Also Paz Padilla’s daughter, Anna, wanted to say goodbye to Antonio, to whom she was very close. «You have been the best example of love, respect and kindness that I will never have. A love this full and real, deserves to be eternal,» she wrote on social networks.

Especially touching was the message sent to her by Mila Ximénez, who has been fighting for some weeks now against lung cancer. «Dear Paz. I send you all the strength in the world. Including all the strength I have left over. I love you,» he wrote.

Gustavo González was very emotional and said: «When there are moments like this you don’t even know what to say, death is the consequence of life. There are people who have to leave, but they leave after a lifetime. Paz was very special and I think we all knew she was having a hard time».

Just a few days ago Paz Padilla became news when Mediaset announced that she would not be part of the first galas of Got Talent as a jury, although the reasons did not transcend. Everything seems to indicate that her husband’s condition was already very delicate, and she preferred not to leave his side.

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Juan Vidal (nacido el 12 de febrero de 1977 en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana), es un actor actualmente radicado en México.[1][2] Se dio a conocer en su país natal tras ganar el concurso Mister República Dominicana en 1995.[3][2] Posteriormente participó en el Mister Mundo en Turquía, pero no fue elegido.[2] Estudió actuación y dramaturgia en el Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa.[2] Comenzó su carrera actoral en Estados Unidos en la serie de CBS The Guiding Light. [En 1999 se trasladó a México, donde se ha dado a conocer por participar en varias telenovelas de Televisión Azteca[2]. Toda su carrera como actor se ha desarrollado principalmente en México, aunque también ha participado en varias obras de teatro en Estados Unidos y República Dominicana[2] Vidal ha sido el único actor de Televisión Azteca en ser reconocido en los Premios TVyNovelas, aunque actualmente no tiene un contrato exclusivo con la cadena.

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Vidal and Padilla’s relationship dates back to when they were both teenagers. However, two decades passed until they met again and resumed their relationship. In 2016 they got married in Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz).

After the death of her mother and with her paraja ill, Padilla decided not to work during the months of confinement. In May, the actress assured Europa Press that for her the quarantine had been a gift. «I have been happy, two months at home without working,» and above all with my family, she said. Padilla was able to spend a lot of time with her daughter Anna: «Being with her has been a great gift». One of his goals for when the restrictions were lifted was to return to Andalusia with his family. «I’m looking forward to going to Cádiz to see my people. I can’t wait to see them… but well, time, patience,» he said.

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But who was Ana Isabel Agarrado? JALEOS has contacted her entourage and has discovered revealing facts about the woman who loved Paz Padilla as the daughter she never had. Anabel or Ana, as she was familiarly known, was retired after having dedicated her entire working life to being a teacher of Physical Education -or «gymnastics», as the subject is popularly called in Cadiz- at the María Auxiliadora school, a concerted center located on Avenida de Andalucía, the main artery of the capital of Cadiz.

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