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Pedro j. ramírez tells how cruz and cósima get along

We give you a preview of some of the speakers who will be present at #Demos2021, which will be held on November 29-30 and December 1 at the Casa del Lector (Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez) in a hybrid format (face-to-face and online).

Laila Jiménez will be in charge of presenting #Demos202021 as well as the different presentations that will be held during the event. The journalist, presenter and reporter began her career at CNN+ and her outstanding news coverage has earned her the professional recognition awarded by the Antena de Plata in 2010. She currently works as a journalist in the morning edition of Informativos Telecinco.

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Instagram me *censorship* | agustín laje

Cruz Sánchez de Lara Sorzano is a lawyer graduated from the Academy of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law of the American University of Washington. She combines her professional activity as head of her law firm «Sánchez de Lara Abogados» with her humanitarian activities and legal writing.

A movie: Lots of them. I am passionate about cinema. Perhaps the final scene of Cinema Paradiso, with the legendary kisses of the big screen up to that moment, is a good quote, for being a compilation of «love» in cinema.

Pedro j. ramírez and cruz sánchez de lara speak out

Last October 25, the relationship changed definitively and Cósima and Tristán decided to show their support for her father at the awards ceremony orchestrated by Pedro J. and his digital newspaper.14A special day

It has taken several days to see Cruz, but last night she attended the party held by Harper Bazaar, which allowed her to answer to her husband’s ex.8Without entering into a dispute.

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Far from sowing more discord, Sanchez de Lara chose to do the opposite and take the heat off the matter. In her opinion, the more they get to know her the better «for her and for everyone. Normality is always a good thing».7 She is a very discreet woman.

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It is true that the translation into Spanish fuels confusion, but nothing justifies that the consensus of the majority of nations, with the different ideologies at each moment at the head of their governments, be reviewed, questioned and even vituperated by educated and uneducated people with more and less criteria.

I must confess that I am powerfully surprised by the denialism of very educated people to the historical discrimination of women. There are issues that are more subjective and can be controversial, but every day I am more and more surprised by the denialism of inequality. When I don’t understand something, it awakens a tremendous curiosity in me and I look for the root of that problem in the most basic part of human nature.

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How do you think conflicts should be settled in which feminist approaches imply a reduction in men’s individual rights, certainly from the very generalized point of view of some men?

I do not believe that feminism has degrees. I believe that those who want the evil of men at the expense of women’s superiority are not feminists. I believe that those who defend positions that expose groups of women to the commission of gender crimes under the banner of freedom are not feminists.

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