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On match day 10, DUX and Unionistas faced each other in a match in which the Salamancan team played for 45 seconds with 12 players on the pitch. The Competition Judge recalls that, based on article 223 bis of the General Competitions Regulations, the time during which a team incurs in improper alignment is not relevant, nor is the relevance it has in the development of the match. The judge does not believe that Unionistas acted maliciously but negligently, considering that it should be the team’s delegate the one in charge of making sure that the entrance of a player on the field of play is due to the fact that another player has previously left the field of play.

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For all these reasons, he argues that his statement and the new evidence practiced have not served to contribute «nothing new» with respect to the decision he took in 2018 and that he now reaffirms: there is insufficient evidence of criminality to charge anyone with the death of Jimmy.

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The successive files of the judicial proceedings for the death of the Dépor fan do not affect the main piece of the case, the mass brawl that took place in the vicinity of the Vicente Calderón stadium on November 30, 2014.

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It seemed to me that Unai was transparent with Fernando Roig from minute 1. And that’s what counts: to go internally face to face. Externally it is complicated to handle the English media pack. I know that Unai was impressed by Fernando Roig’s understanding. He told him something like: «Unai, we want you to stay with us, but if you have a proposal that you cannot refuse, we will understand. …. Tell us the situation so that we can organize ourselves». This understanding and humanity of Fernando Roig, made Unai tell him the night of the match, that he was staying and closed any possibility. It is also true that Unai was not so shocked by the possibility because there was also a sporting and reputational risk and, above all, because of the image he would leave Villarreal in this way.

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Well, I think that Valencia CF still has more media dimension, but it is because of what it was and not because of what it is. The reason why Villarreal has overtaken them is very simple: Villarreal has a normal majority shareholder and Valencia has an erratic, capricious and sometimes funny management and an outlandish owner like Peter Lim.

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Sergio Cárdenas has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, and after his appointment he declared that his function will be «to establish a basis on which to grow and to be able to work in a safe, comfortable and, above all, efficient way». The new sports director acknowledged that when he arrived at the club he thought it was «strange that Deportivo Cordoba did not have a sports director or coordinator, which I think is necessary, mainly to bring together the proposals of players, managers, technical staff and family members, to help us grow as a club and, if possible, return to those good times that the club had in the First Division».

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With his appointment as sports director, Sergio Cárdenas will also carry out administrative work in terms of «management with the different federations, both state and regional, coordinating the different areas and departments that exist in the club or even creating a new one, regulating discipline and sports commitment among our teams, as well as searching the market and analyzing with the board the different incorporations in the different categories».

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