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Obtaining the electronic signature (Digital Certificate) through the Autonomous Organization of Economic Management and Collection of the City Council of Salamanca. This option will only be valid for individuals, legal entities must contact the Tax Agency exclusively.

Phase 1.- Request for the digital certificate: From his computer equipment, the citizen must access the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) to obtain the so-called “AC FNMT Usuarios” User Certificate, issued by this organization (FNMT). In this process you will obtain an application code (CERES).

Certificado digital online

Para asegurar debidamente la autenticidad e integridad de las comunicaciones electrónicas, se debe disponer de un certificado electrónico reconocido en vigor y emitido por la Autoridad Pública de Certificación Española (CERES) dependiente de la FNMT-RCM (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre y Casa de la Moneda), en los términos de la Ley 59/2003, de 19 de diciembre de Firma Electrónica, o de un DNI electrónico.

Aunque es posible realizar muchos trámites sin necesidad de firma electrónica, para algunos trámites (trámites con certificado digital), se requiere una firma electrónica en forma de certificado digital de la FNMT, clase 2CA, emitido por la Real Casa de la Moneda (“FNMT-RCM”.

Se interpreta que la Agencia Tributaria española acepta este escenario para la facturación electrónica en España, principalmente para facilitar el despliegue con usuarios que ya disponen de un certificado de software FNMT-RCM para el pago de impuestos.

Al emitir su voto por Internet, el accionista garantizará debidamente su identidad a través de certificado reconocido emitido por la Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre o mediante D.N.I. electrónico.

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A digital certificate is an electronic document that can help you identify the owner of a website and help you make decisions about the trustworthiness of the site with respect to personal or financial information. Certificates are issued by certificate issuers whose responsibility is to confirm the identity of the organization or website owner. Therefore, it is like an Identity document that allows you to identify yourself, sign and encrypt documents and messages electronically. Its main applications are:

Before starting the processes of requesting, downloading and installing the FNMT certificate in Windows 7, it is necessary to prepare the operating environment to avoid any unforeseen complications, that is, to take the appropriate security measures to avoid problems and errors. We will follow this configuration process:

If you have installed any preliminary version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9 Beta or IE9 RC) it is totally advisable to uninstall it in order to carry out the digital certificate request and installation processes, which must be performed on a stable version of the browser. Although it could work with IE9 Beta, it is not recommended at all. The beta version of Internet Explorer 9 is software that is still under development. The term “beta” means that the software is still undergoing testing and is not recommended for installation on production systems. Logically, digital certificates are installed on production systems. To uninstall Internet Explorer 9 Beta on Windows 7 follow these steps:


The City Council of Las Rozas, by virtue of an agreement signed with the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT-RCM), has become an electronic certificate registration office, which means that it is authorized to issue in its offices this digital tool that will allow residents to carry out various online procedures with the City Council.

Thanks to this agreement, residents will not have to go to other registry offices to obtain the document that will allow them to carry out online procedures not only with the local administration, but also with the regional and national administrations. In addition, the electronic certificate guarantees the security, validity and effectiveness of the issuance and receipt of communications and documents with total privacy.